RSA Certificate – An Overview

Serving or selling alcohol is perhaps one of the oldest profession in Austraila. However, it is not something you can just walk in and join. You will need to undergo some study and training and hold an RSA (Responsible Service of Alcohol) certificate before you can be considered for the job of serving or selling alcohol.
You can apply for RSA certificate course online, at a private institution or a TAFE college anywhere around Austraila. During your study, you will become familiar with understanding and learn the effects of alcohol on a person’s health, identifying who to refuse alcohol and how to deal with the over affected persons, industry rules, regulations, and skills.
Each state of Australia has its own rules, regulations, and requirements for RSA Certificate training. So if you want to work in more than one states of the country, you must have more than one RSA certificates. During the course, you will have training behind alcohol selling shops and bars in your home state. The study will explain rules and regulations and following a series of lectures, you will be required to sit for an examination. Once passed, you will be sent a photo card from the OLGR.
You will be required to answer multiple choice questions about what you have studied. There are a number of providers who offer the RSA certificate course all around the country. When deciding on which course to study, make sure that you look at where the certificate will be valid. The course will not cost you more than $100 plus less than six hours a day. rsa online today
There are some institutions that offer self-study courses online and you can even do the examination online. So don’t delay in taking the primary step for applying in RSA certificate course. Apply for it and you will not have to look back on your decision to apply for the course.

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